Wednesday 15 May 2013

June is the month for Habit-making!!

What will your next 30 days look like??????

A Habit is said to be formed in 30 days... (June begins in just 4 sleeps)

Is there anything you want to ADD to your life/schedule??? Do you find yourself often looking at other's lives and saying.."Wow, I'd love to do something like that..."


I was so inspired by this guy -, that I have, personally, decided to create the following habits this month....

1.     Send an encouraging email every day 

      I'm currently living in Korea...and it's about time I let my friends/family know how much I miss them all.

2. Do YOGA every day

    This is something I have been told will help my running & posture so much..Excited to get into the habit of stretching.


So...Whose joining me??

Let's inspire each other with success stories :) You can also email me at

June - YOU will be a month to remember!!


  1. 1) stop eating junk food in Korea
    2) start up yoga also, because you say you will start every Sunday and don't
    3) write more

  2. run, spend more time with Jesus and practice love and patience towards people :)


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