Tuesday 11 June 2013

Why not take the stairs…

It’s a universal concept that we complain about what we don’t have, wish to have, do have…but we do little about changing things.

Walking, after my morning run, up the stairs to our fourth floor apartment this morning…got me thinking! I am naturally active and would like to think that I would always choose the stairs over an elevator…but today I wasn't convinced. You see my apartment block doesn't give me that option, with no lift; we have to take the stairs.

In the moment, these little decisions (like taking the stairs over the elevator) seem silly, having little long term effect…but truth be told, they are the very things that determine who we will be tomorrow, next week, in a year or even 5.


Personally, I'm tired of complaining/comparing/wishing…it’s time for action!!! There is almost always something we can do about it!!

Jealous of your friend's amazing job…How can you tweak yours??

Wish you had a marriage like “theirs”…How hard are you working at yours??

Tired of kissing frogs…Is your lifestyle warranting a prince??

Flabby thighs…How often do you take the stairs??

It may be that you need to take physical action, you may need to let something/someone go, sacrifice something or maybe you merely need to STOP telling yourself that and start believing in yourself. Either way, something can be done about it and only YOU can determine that something.

I’m ON IT!!! Be inspired friends…


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