Monday 7 October 2013

The Happiness Project!!

“A 21day Group-coaching Program aimed at getting you started on rewiring your mind into thinking more positively”.               
Psychologists have proved it. Some fight it. We LIVE it….. I call it - the Happiness dilemma.

What is the happiness dilemma??

It has been proven that more than half of society still believe that their happiness is determined by external factors; money, relationships, success, when in fact internal factors play a far larger role in sustaining happiness. Positive Psychologist & Harvard Professor, Shawn Achor has done extensive research on this notion and it is around his research that this course was created.

So, what comes first – happiness or success?

As Shaun points out “Most people follow this formula: if you work harder, you will be more successful, and then you will be happy. This formula is scientifically backward. A decade of research shows that training your brain to be positive first actually fuels greater success second.”
The thing with success is that we tend to move the goalposts every time we achieve something, that way always making ‘happiness’ just out of our reach.

So how exactly do we reverse this formula?

Well, according to science and research, happiness is a result of the way that your mind processes things! Put simply, when we feed ourselves with average thoughts, we become ‘average people’.

Living with the notion that you were created with a certain personality, characteristics and set of circumstances that may limit your capacity for constant happiness, is what is referred to as “settling”; settling for a life that is comfortable, expected of you and requires little from you – a life that is actually way below your standards, your design, your talents and your deeply rooted dreams. And it’s that notion that we will be diving into in this course!!

What this course will propose is - ‘WHAT IF’?

-       What if it were possible to rewire the way your mind processes things?
-       What if it were possible to break the habit of negative thinking?
-       What if you were willing to start investing more of your time & energy on the internal you, and not so much on the external you?

Why 21 days??

Well, it is said to take 21 days to create or break a habit, and according to positive psychology, it can take 21 days to start the process of rewiring our brains to think more positively.So, 21 days it will be :)

How will it work?

It’s simple really. A habit is said to be made, or broken, in 21 days. We will attempt to include some new habits in your day-to-day living, and in the process of doing this, start rewiring the way your minds work.

We begin the course with a face-to-face session, where I explain how the course will run, what inspired me to create it as well as presenting you with your comprehensive workbook which you will work through on your own over the 21 days. As of that day, you begin implementing the 5 Happiness Habits into your daily life and you journal all this in your workbook.

The course includes 4 face-to-face group sessions, including the first intro session. Session usually take place at 7pm on a week day evening; however this can be altered according to the groups schedule. The face-to-face group sessions include accountability in terms of the workbook you are filling in, as well as weekly coaching activities.

And finally, to keep you inspired, you will also receive a daily email (from me), including little positivity-inspired challenges, links to inspiring ted-talks and general accountability for the full 21 days.

Do I believe that a simple 21 day course will create lasting happiness? NO, I’m not that unrealistic…but I do know, that there are most definitely certain characteristics of the way positive people think, that do indeed make their lives that much ‘happier’.

Who is this course aimed at?

    - All those who are needing a little nudge in terms of their general positivity levels.

    - Anyone who is up for a challenge, or 5, and is determined to see change take place in their lives. 

    - Those who are determined to get ahead in life…to turn their backs on average living and to rewire their minds to think like a ‘happy’ person :)

Your investment:

The cost of this 21 day program is R500 per client. This price is inclusive of 4 face-to-face group sessions, a comprehensive workbook as well as daily emails there to encourage you to get the most out of this program.

Sounds like just the thing for me! Where do I sign up??

YAY!!! I’m SO excited for you to join me on this adventure, in finding out how to make small changes in your life that will not only make you happier but more self aware and self assured too!!

Next session starts:  

Monday, 2nd June 2014 in Kloof, KZN, South Africa. Sessions will take place in the evenings from 7pm - 8pm. (ONLY 10 spots available)Follow this link to sign up for more information on how to book your spot!! J 

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