Friday 11 October 2013

Get Fit Friday

As many of you may know I am a lover of all things active! I love keeping fit, healthy, embracing the outdoors and all things that feed me with adrenalin, endorphin's and all those lovely things :)

With this in mind, I'v decided to start 'Get Fit Friday', where I'll be sharing with you a few health tips, recipes, exercise ideas and encouraging posts that will get you wanting to be embrace a Healthy lifestyle!! Although I hope to share a few of my own ideas, this is really a space for sharing/guest posts/networking, so if you want to contribute in any way, please contact me and I'd love to have a look at your website, recipe/s or just a guest post you've written...and if it lines up with the heart behind 'Get Fit Friday', then soon you'll see your name/brand right here:)

So for today!!!!!!!!!

I know that life can get so busy and that the first thing we usually let go of, is exercise and healthy eating. So today, I want to share with you an AMAZING website, which I take advantage of at least a few times a week!! For those of you who have limited time, don't want to pay gym fees and feel you may be self motivated enough to exercise at home - this is for you!!!

I, like many of you, work an 8 - 5 day, and then need to go home and cook, clean and often work on my own business in the evenings - I mean  where does exercise fit in?? Right??!!! Well, what I've found is that setting a time everyday for exercise is not just advantageous for your body, but your mind will thank you too! Endorphin's are no joke, they are real and they can genuinely improve your mood. On the other hand, snacking after work, while u cook in the evening, generally tends to put a dampener on ones mood.

So this is my solution - maybe it will work for you too!

Being a runner and a morning person - I usually fit in my cardio in the mornings...but evenings are for toning and stretching. At least twice a week I try to cook a meal that requires a longish time in the oven (roast chicken, roast veg, casseroles, healthy pies, etc)...while these meals cook in the oven, I quickly slip into my gym clothes (no shoes) and I log onto this site- !! The workouts are short, free, HIGHLY effective and Cassey is so encouraging that it's usually hard to give up half way through even if you wanted to.

The advantages - 

1 - It's likely to prevent you from snacking while preparing dinner as you know you are going to be exercising afterwards

2 - After working up a sweat, your whole family will end up benefiting as you'll likely be pumped on endorphin's and thus happier and less likely to be focused on the 'bad' parts of your day, while chatting over dinner!!

It's worth a try, right?!

Happy toning :):)

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