Friday 4 October 2013

So...what is Life Coaching???

Life Coaching is an incredible methodology that can take you from where you are at today to where you want to be!!

We have all seen and tried the 5-ways-to-a-better-life/weight-loss type programs, and somehow even after months of maintaining, we all ultimately seem to fail miserably at following someone’s else’s plan for our lives. We, as Life Coaches believe this to be due to the fact that you will only ever achieve a goal that is defined by YOU, on your own terms – a goal that you have fully thought through, a goal that you have bought into. Now this sounds a little soft and cushiony, but in reality, it is so far from that.

Each of us is the only ‘master’ of our own lives. No one else truly knows what you need and who you want to become. Sometimes these desires are so deeply hidden within us though, that we fail to ever recognize them or if we do recognize them, to achieve them. That’s where we come in!!! Our skills, as coaches, are about knowing which questions to ask you and having the right tools and techniques to challenge and nudge you towards finding these answers within yourselves. Whether it is looking at your life, your career or your dreams, we help you discover what your ‘BEST’ looks like…and then together we brainstorm, strategize and set goals towards achieving the life you always dreamed of living!

As Life Coaches, we not only believe in YOU but we become your biggest fan. We will support you through thick and thin. And with support comes accountability. We will hold you accountable to the goals you set and the dreams you desire to live out. We will not allow you to let another day pass by, where you put off the very things that make you come alive. We will challenge, encourage, nudge and watch as you start to LOVE the life you live!!!

Finally, please do not confuse Life Coaching with Therapy. Instead of focusing on the past (like therapy), we focus on the future and thus Life Coaching really is for EVERYONE!! Coaching gives you an edge…You want to scream to the world that you are FINALLY taking your life to new level. That you are stepping up your game, that you’re on journey to define what makes you tick (your design)...and finally, that you are starting to love the life you live!  

Sounds like JUST the thing I am needing….So, what next????

I am delighted to hear that you feel that Life Coaching is for you. The prospect of working with new clients excites me to no end.

So, now to decide which coaching package best suits you and your current situation. If you are still stuck, just type me a quick email, answering the following questions and I will reply as quickly as possible stating which package I feel best suits your needs.

3 Questions:

    1.    What makes Life Coaching sound so appealing to you?
    2.    When you think of Coaching, do you think “my career needs help” or do you think more in terms of your life as whole (health, work, relationships, balance, etc)?

    3.    Are you currently facing a single dilemma or are you just needing direction in life?

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