Sunday 17 November 2013

Getting into the Christmas spirit...

So, with Christmas approaching, I’ve gone into serious ‘Christmas mode’. The one thing I know I will really miss this Christmas (Christmas isn’t really a thing in Korea), is advent calendars. So, instead of scrapping having one this year, I have gone pinterest crazy and have downloaded a couple really cool ideas as to how to make my own.

Now this is all good and well but the problem came in when I realized that the Advent Calendar would then only be for my husband as I’ll know what’s in every day’s package. So, I put on my thinking cap and this is what I came up with. (The reason for my sharing this is I realized it’s not too late for you to copy my idea and have your own DIY day next weekend! ENJOY) J

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar morning...

A DIY advent calendar girl’s day!! I approached ‘married/dating’ girls as I thought we could then all buy for 2 that way keeping it simple.

Date: Sunday 24th Nov (It obviously needs to be before the 1st Dec)

What will the morning include?

I will buy us (the girls who committed to joining me) each 25 little brown bags or wrapping paper if I can’t find bags (see pinterest pic ideas), as well as printing numbers 1 – 25 on cardboard for each of us. (Affordability being key)

The girls (and me) will then go shopping this week, thus before our DIY morning, and buy or make 25 very small gifts/ vouchers/ notes to fill these bags (ideas below).

The morning will be spent cutting, sticking & basically just making the bags look pretty. After that, we’ll fill the bags at random until all the packages are ready to be taken home. Then, we will randomly select 25 bags, numbered 1 – 25, and those will make up our advent calendars – that way, we won’t know what’s in each package each day.

Package fillers..

The idea behind these is to keep them simple, cheap and meaningful, so literally anything from…
- Create your own vouchers (Give each other a hug, massage, cook dinner together, etc)
- Choccies
- Stationery/ Hair things
- Encouraging note/ scripture

So that’s it and this is all happening next week Sunday! I will keep you in the loop with pics and info about how the day goes the following week J And stay tuned for more creative Christmas DIY fun in Dec!

Hoping this has inspired you to do some Christmas DIY-ing yourself. Please comment below if you have any other ideas for my readers – let’s share the Christmas love J

Lastly, if you’re wanting some additional inspiration – go check out my Jingle Bells pinterest page for plenty Christmas-ey ideas J


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