Thursday 14 November 2013

Liebster award...and a peak into my world..

I feel honoured to have been nominated by Laura Whang from BreakingLo (go check out her awesome blog) for a Liebster award. This award is given to bloggers from other bloggers to basically spread the love through blogging J Cool, right?

So I’ve been asked to answer a few questions about myself for you to get a sneak peek into the more intimate ‘me’…enjoy J
1.      What was the last thing you ate?
I tend to fall on the more healthy side of society (I’d like to think) …but truth be told, I just nibbled on a choco pie. Korean peeps will know the temptation all too well!
2.    Do you ever get bored with blogging? Why or why not?
No!!! Blogging is definitely one of my favourite pastimes. I’m ALL for learning from others mistakes, delights and joys – and blogging gives me a door into so many people’s lives…I love that other’s get that door into mine too.
A little add on….I write most my posts while running (in my head at least). With my music pumping, views of the river or park and endorphin's flooding through my body, it’s no secret as to why this is my happy space!
3.    If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
There are plenty things about myself that I don’t necessarily love….like my tendency to over-think things, over-plan things and arrive far too early for appointments, but in saying that, I genuinely wouldn’t choose to change anything about myself. I’m always working on becoming a ‘better’ me, but in the same breathe, as am I, on accepting myself and loving myself as God made me J   
4.    Where is one place you would never go? Why?
I’m pretty adventurous (you can read my ‘Adventures at heart’ blog here) so this is a tough one!! I suppose I’d have to say a cemetery…unless of course I was going there to visit a loved one’s grave. I used to run past a cemetery in Stellenbosch and it always gave me an eerie feeling.  
5.     What seemingly insignificant thing drives you crazy?
When my husband leaves his clothes hanging over the side of the chair instead of hanging them on hangers…properly. Grrrr…
6.    What is one thing you like but your friends don’t?
This is a strange question, as they wouldn’t be my friends if we didn’t like the same stuff, right?! 
I guess the things my friends tease me about the most are: Firstly, my over eagerness (I used to submit assignments months before they were due at varsity) and then my tendency to multi-task (In res – hostel – I used to wash my mugs in the shower with me to kill 2 birds with one stone) Gracious…am I over-sharing now J  
7.     If you could say one sentence to everyone around the world at once, what would you say?
You are talented, beautiful and one of a kind. Stop comparing yourself to others and start living the life that was destined for you. You only get one life to live..start making your dreams a reality!!
8.    Whom do you look up to?
There are so many people I consider role models. My Dad for his consistency, business mind and positivity; my Mum for her generosity, realness and go-getter attitude, my Gogs for her complete selflessness; my husband, H, for his humility and his faith…and then my close friends for various characteristics they carry, my Pastors back home, my in-laws, and lastly Jesus, for his perfect example of how to love!
9.    What is your secret obsession?
Running! Except it’s not too secret. (I’m one of those ‘real’ people who likes sharing…everything. So secrecy has never really been my thing)
10. If the world ended tomorrow, and you knew it, how would you spend today?
I’d spend it with my husband and my family. And if it were my choice, we’d do something crazy (like bungee jumping or sky diving), followed by a day on the beach and then we’d spend the evening feasting on braai-meat & all things yummy and enjoying a summers evening at our Southbroom cottage. (And through-out the day we’d laugh remembering all the happy times we’d spent together and I’d make sure that they know that I love them, and that know God does too.)   
So that’s me in a nutshell J For today at least!! Here is a list of blogs I love – go have a squizz!!

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