Wednesday 18 December 2013

My Year of 1sts....

Another year has passed and this year I can genuinely say, it was one of my best!! Instead of boring you with a few general festive season wishes, I thought I’d share with you how 2013 became my year of firsts:

January – First time I had to say goodbye to my parents, knowing I may not see them for up to a year {A big thing for me}

February - My husband, Hendrik, and I boarded a plane headed for South Korea, and thus began my first year living abroad.

March - H and I celebrated our first marriage Anniversary. Marriage is by far the greatest blessing in my life!!

April - My first ever full month of being a teacher!

May - I walked across the sea. Read more here!!

June - I officially launched my blog, little did I know what joy awaited me!!

July – I gave my first Inspirational talk, at the GIC, under my company’s name!!

August - My blog became a website – my first ever!!!

September - I ran my first road full marathon! Here's the full account...

October - Launched my first ever Group Coaching Program, The Happiness Project. The first of many.

November- I led my first ever Blog Collaboration. I received such great feedback that I can’t wait to continue with this series!!

December - My first Christmas away from our families.

What an incredible year it has been!!! 

On that note, I want to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and well chat again in the New Year!!!

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