Tuesday 4 February 2014

Let's chat Tuesday: Featuring London Photographer Maxeen Kim

Today on Let's Chat Tuesday, I had the privilege of interviewing London-based photographer, Maxeen Kim. Maxeen is an old friend of mine, however we drifted apart over the years, and this re-connection through our common love for creativity & entrepreneurship has brought me so much joy!!

Question 1: Tell us a bit about you, your business and what you do?
I’m a photographer, originally from South Africa, based in London.
I specialize in weddings (both in the UK and abroad – I will go anywhere to photograph your special day!) as well as lifestyle and family shoots. I’m professional but relaxed with my clients. I feel that the better I know you, the easier it will be to capture the real you in every moment of your big day or shoot.

Question 2: What 3 words best describe your business?
Personal, Creative & Unique

Question 3: How long has your business been running for?
My business has been running since April 2012.

Question 4: What does a normal work day look like for you?
A week day starts with a breakfast shake, gym, answering of emails, morning photo editing session, lunch, social media updating/marketing, followed by any client meetings or an afternoon photo editing session. If I have any maternity or newborn shoots booked, these will usually take place in the afternoon.

Question 5: Where do you work from, an office or from home? Tell us a bit about your work space.
I work from home. I have a lovely little pigeon-hole cabinet that I use as a desk – as well as home to my marketing and filing things. I like to keep things clean and clear (I find clutter distracting) and I have all the thank you cards I get from clients attached to a piece of ribbon on the wall to remind me that what I’m doing makes people happy.

Question 6: What do you consider your business’s greatest strength to be?
Passion and a positive attitude; if you are passionate and positive about what you do, that will shine through into your work. As I provide a face-to-face, service based business, my success is directly related to how I present myself. Your wedding is a big deal and it’s important to have someone documenting your day who is going to be positive, happy and honored to be a part of it.

Question 7: Apart from your business, what else are you passionate about?
Art and travel – both at the same time if possible too! Luckily, I currently live in the UK so my travels can often combine the two. I believe travel is good for the soul. I love exploring new places, trying new foods and making new friends.

Question 8: What’s one thing you’ve learned since starting your own business that you wish you could share with every creative out there?
Don’t be afraid to ask other creatives for advice! It took me a long time to get up the courage to ask other photographers about how they do things, or what printers/designers/marketing tools they find useful - because I felt like I should already know this ‘stuff’… By getting up the courage to say ‘hi’ to some amazingly talented person, I not only learnt a lot about the business, but I have gained some really wonderful friends with similar passions and interests to me.

Question 9: If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you take with you?
My camera, the love of my life (sorry to get you stranded too, Lovie – maybe he will bring something ‘life saving’?) and ice cream. I may not last long but at least I would die happy. J

Question 10: Where can we find more info about Maxine Kim?

Website                                              Blog                                                        Facebook
Twitter: @MaxeenKim                                     Instagram: @maxeenkim

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  1. Maxeen is such a down to earth person. I have had the wonderful privilege of having her photograph me and I could not have asked for more beautiful photos. I would highly recommend this talented photographer for your next photo shoot experience or event.


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