Wednesday 12 March 2014

Celebrating YOU (Birthdays)....

Celebrating my birthday yesterday, and the knowledge that, for the third time in a row I was abroad {travelling} over my birthday, I got somewhat sad thinking that once again I won’t be able to have a birthday party…and this got me thinking.

One of the biggest surprises I got from my clients personal questionnaires {they fill these in prior to our first session} was the amount of them, who haven’t celebrated their birthday in years.

Ok, so firstly let’s clear things up. No, I’m not some spoilt brat who travels the world for her birthday each year. It just so happens that 2 years ago I was on honeymoon for my birthday, last year we had just got to Korea for a year of living abroad, and this year, I am currently backpacking on our way home from Korea, after our year abroad. And yes, of course it’s incredible being abroad over your birthday – each year H has done something special, like white water rafting or super fancy dinner overlooking a rain forest, so it’s not that I’m un-appreciative, it’s just that I really like birthdays to be celebrated/spent with close friends, family and of course H too. And so here goes…

You are unique with talents, dreams and desires that match no other. You, my friend, were created with HUGE intention!! Your life is no accident, no, you were created for abundance!! So what does abundance look like?? Well, it looks a little something like this – you living out your dreams, daily enjoying the things that truly make you come alive and being surrounded by people that you love!! That’s abundance right there!!

This whole idea of being anti celebrating your birthday because it means you’re a year older is BS!! if you ask me. Yes you’re a year older but if you lived that year with intention, pursuing all things close to your heart then when your birthday arrives there should be no greater privilege than celebrating the past year, thanking your loved ones for the role they’ve played and getting AMPED for the year ahead. Older shmolder!!

I have a friend who has taught me a thing or two when it comes to birthdays and being one of my favourite people on earth, I thought it’s about time I gave her mention on my blog. Meet Ange....

Ange is full of life…and when I say full of life I mean, seriously FULL of life. She will not only give you a huge squeeze and kiss on the cheek when she meets you, but she will genuinely consider you a part of her life from that moment forward, to the point that you’ll make it on to her {and her mums} prayer lists :)

One of thing that I love most about Ange, is her ability to love. Every year she holds a birthday party, come rain or high water, she’ll organize some big bash on the 4th August {her birthday}…and the heart behind it is always the same. It’s to honour all those who play a role in her life, to thank them for the past year and to bless them. From wine and cheese parties, to hours spent drinking tea, to wine tasting and cheese eating, to fancy wine-farm lunch affairs; each year, Ange organizes something extravagant for her friends, to celebrate her birthday and that means to celebrate their {her friends} lives. She even goes as far as printing us little encouraging messages or scriptures. That just Ange.

This notion of making your birthday about those that make you who you are has really challenged me so much!! Ange {If you read this} – you are incredible, thank you for teaching me a deeper meaning to birthdays…and of course plenty other things too!!

It is my hope, that this not only challenges you all but encourages you to look at your life, and to be grateful for all that fills it!! And my even bigger hope, is that this year, you’ll re-think your birthday party plans…and maybe even have a get-together just to celebrate the ones who play a role in your life and of course to celebrate LIFE in itself!!

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