Wednesday 19 March 2014

Creating a dream inventory...

Today, I have a follow up post for you all about YOU and your dreams...

"It's been easy, for years, to throw out the words, 'My dream is...' but truth be told, this was just the easy way out. The vaguer my dreams were, the less pressure there was to pursue them and with that, less chance of failure. Vagueness allowed me to be safe, but it also meant years of working towards an undefined dream, basically a blurred vision." I encourage you to read the rest of this {the first of two} blog posts here...

Now, that you understand the importance of letting go of 'vague' and embracing your dreams head on...let's jump right into it!!

Let's start with our dream inventory... 

Grab a cuppa tea {or glass of wine}, get your journal out {or laptop} - and let's dig into YOU and your dreams!! {Click here to download your FREE Printable for today's Dream Inventory}

Close your eyes and really think about your dreams. Not the dreams you had as a kid, but the ones that burn deep within you today!! The one’s that make you smile just thinking of them. Those ones!! 

Now, write them down. Be as specific and detailed as your dreams allow you to be!! And give your self some space and freedom to reflect on these dreams - This is good time for journalling or thinking, whatever works best for you. Emotions are healthy, let them rise up, express them and let them go. They need to run their course in order for you to feel at peace again.

Now, which of these dreams stand out, which do you possibly need to let go of as they wouldn't lead you in the direction you are wanting to go, and mostly which make your heart sing?? Continue journalling, or reflecting on these thoughts!!

And now it's time to claim these dreams for YOU!! Claiming your dreams doesn't mean you need to run out of your office, or home, and shout them to the world, not at all; dreams are meant only to be shared with those who will protect them. Claiming your dreams means that you write them out beautifully and stick them somewhere you can see them every day. It means sharing them with your loved ones and possibly for the first time, giving a more detailed account of the direction your life is heading in and why. It means possibly sharing with someone how you are letting go of certain things you once thought were dreams but really don't fit within your life vision at all. It means getting real and honest, and being intentional with moving towards these dreams rather than moving in an undefined sort of way towards what you 'think' you want.

In order to pursue the dreams that make your heart sing, and be so sure of them that VERY little can stand between you and making these dreams a reality; you will need courage and surety that this is the life vision you choose for yourself. Choose today what stays, and what go's - it will not only give you courage to start running in the direction of your dreams, but it will also give you the freedom to let go of past supposed-dreams {dealing with the emotions that come with that} and that way not setting yourself up for failure.

Know your dreams, claim your dreams…and start pursuing your dreams!!

Need help putting a plan in place in order to take you from where you are at today to where you DREAM of being??

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