Wednesday 2 April 2014

Starting your day on a high!!

If you’re anything like the rest of us, I’m guessing your morning looks something like this…

Alarm goes off, your swear, turn it off, lie in bed for a few more minutes (sometimes skipping the gym session you had planned). Shower, get ready, eat a quick breakfast (possibly while doing your hair or make up, or you so busy doing your hair that you forget to eat breakfast) and you’re in your car ready to hit the morning traffic, feeling awake but having barely processed what this day will hold.

The word ‘routine’ holds so many negative connotations that I genuinely hate the taste of the word, let alone the sound of it. However, humans are routine-beings, and that means that whether you admit it or not, your morning does have a certain routine, be it chaotic or orderly, routine is hidden in there somewhere. But having a morning routine, of some sort, does not mean that you are optimizing your day…well not just yet.

Having a healthy morning routine has been proved to be one of the non-negotiables in most successful peoples’ lives. Creating a morning routine that works for you, your career and your life could be the tipping point you’re needing to living life on a high. It’s the one time of day where you have complete control over how it will pan out and how you will feel by the time you walk out the door (or into your office).

So what does a healthy morning routine look like?

I want you to think back to a day (as recently as possible) when things just went right, you know one of those days you catch yourself smiling for no real reason apart from the fact that life is good. Now, try to think back to how that day began. 90% of people who had particularly ‘good’ days can agree that there day started on a happy note.
A healthy morning routine looks different to everyone, and that’s why it is so 100% essential that you become the master of your morning. Own it, embrace it, let the YOU shine out of it – and I can guarantee you that you will start your day with an added bounce in your step!!

What does this mean for you??

Well, firstly you need to ask yourself; What does my morning routine look like right now? Am I optimizing my morning the way I should? Does my morning routine scream “Man, I love my life”?

If not, what would my ideal start to the day look like? (Now, if you answer with a quick ‘I would sleep all morning’ then it’s time you relooked at more than just your morning – career/life assessments aren’t a bad thing to do once in a while). But those thoughts aside, I know that you could probably come up with a good 4 – 5 things that if included in your morning, your day generally starts on a high.

Here’s a little Coaching exercise to help get you started:

Name one thing you will do differently tomorrow morning that you know will help you start the day on a high.

There are many things in life we want to do, but just don’t ever get there. Don’t let this be one of them. Your morning routine is vital to your happiness levels – make it count!!

PS – I am busy creating a 1 week workbook called “Starting my day on a high”, that will soon be available to all my website subscribers. The workbook is aimed at helping you find the right mix that will make your morning routine count!!

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