Monday 12 May 2014

How do you spell Adventure??

We’ve only been ‘home’ for three weeks and already I can see the effects of the so-called ‘normal life’ taking over. You know that feeling when you get home from an amazing holiday and after two days of normal life you’ve forgotten you ever left…well don’t be fooled, being away for 14 months didn’t change that reality for us. {But we're not settling for that}

It’s so easy to get sucked into a life that’s normal. A life that is orderly, fits your cultural norms and gives you the freedom to utter a “sjo, I’m tired today” almost every other day. The thing is…is this the life you envisioned for yourself??

Now, I know you may not have the time or the freedom right now to just give up your job and go travelling for 4 months, but what if you dared to shake things up a bit in your everyday normal life. Shaking things up will mean stepping out of your comfort zone and having to do things with greater intention – but what I personally LOVE about putting these ideas together, “Comfort zones” and “Intention” is that together they ultimately spell ACTION WITH MEANING!! And that is what life is all about!!

So rather than me babble on here…I want to give you a little challenge for the week…

What one thing will you (and your husband/boyfriend) do this week that will require you to step out of your comfort zone and will certainly add a bit of “ADVENTURE” into your every day life??

Here are some ideas to get those creative minds of yours working…

-          Eat dinner outside/ on the floor
-          Turn off the TV for the week and see what other ideas you come up with every evening
-          Invite friends over for a dress-up dinner party
-          Have a girls night out
-          Do something this weekend that you haven’t done in ages but LOVE doing

By limiting your definition of adventure…you limit it’s existence in your everyday life. Redefine it!! 

You’ll never know unless you try ;)

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