Monday 30 September 2013

Challenge for the month of October :)

The challenge for this month can be summed up in one word...Acknowledge!!

In a world where everything happens quickly and where people thrive off immediate gratification..many of us have forgotten what it means to acknowledge others. 


  1. Accept or admit the existence or truth of.
  2. (of a body of opinion) Recognize the fact or importance or quality of.

I LOVE this definition because it really captures the challenge for this month - recognizing the importance of something/ someone. 
The challenge for this month is very much a challenge for myself, as much as it is, me challenging you. So here will only take a few minutes (you could make it a once off thing or an ongoing thing for the month of October, its up to you)...
Identify a respected person or team who inspire YOU with their commitment to live deliberately (with intention).  
# 1: First, you need to identify!!!
Think about someone/ people you look up to. A person who lives each day to the full. Someone who loves life and makes you want to embrace your life even more! 
# 2: Write their name/s down on a piece of paper - and decide whether you will acknowledge them all today, or 1 per week for the month of October (the decision is yours to make).
# 3: Now, take a few minutes to send a simple email or text...(this could all be today or get the drift)
Aim on sharing 2-3 sentences about why you want to acknowledge this person and how they have influenced your life for the better. 

Remember that this isn't about you, this about try not to expect a reply. It's your gift to them!!!

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