Friday 27 September 2013

Don't postpone JOY...

Before I sign off and rush home to see my husband (after a week of him being away), I thought I'd leave you with some thoughts to ponder...

There is no one quite like YOU!!! (Click to tweet) You are one of a kind. Your gifts,talents and values may be similar to others, but the combination of them is unique to ONLY you. 

If researchers were to find a new species of say "butterflies"..they wouldn't just celebrate, they'd shout it to the world. They'd publish writings on it, they'd take photo's, they'd name it!!! With this in mind, isn't it sad how so many of us are still struggling to come to grips with "who we are". YOU, my friend, were created with such intention. Your maker wasn't playing games on the day of your birth..he created you as you are...for greatness!! 

Here's a little coaching activity you can do this afternoon...when weekend plans start robbing from your Friday 'productiveness', try doing this little exercise instead of turning to Facebook. 

Step 1 - Get out a pen & paper...

Step 2 - Create a quiet space in your mind. Be still with yourself. Now try to think back to a time when you felt truly ALIVE. A moment or event in time, when you were at your peak. A moment when you thought if time stood still, this moment could define ME. I am invincible and I am happy to be me!! (Don't judge yourself...this is your time to be real with YOU). Journal the feelings that come up, describe the down as many details as you can. 

Step 3 - Now based on what you've written/thought, write a list of your top 5 -10 Values. (It is highly likely that these values were being met during this 'peak' moment).

Here's my own little assessment, to help you out..

Moment - "Me running the DMZ marathon!"

Based on my own little write up on this (I wrote it on paper)...I'd say my values are: 
Freedom, Accomplishment, Fun, Independence, Inner Peace, Stability, Results-Orientated...

You can use this link, or google for a simpler Values list, to help you choose the values that match your experience -

Step 4 - Now next to each value, write down on a scale of 1 - 10, to what extent you feel your life lines up with this value right now.

Step 5 - We are all known to thrive when our values and daily lives line up (makes sense right, it's how you were created)!! So, based on can now assess what needs to change in order for you to live more at peace with yourself and more likely to be experiencing JOY :)

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