Tuesday 24 September 2013

How badly do you want it??

Since we are on the topic of "dreams" this week, I thought I'd write a little heart-felt blog post about my own personal journey towards accomplishing my dreams.

So...for as long as I can remember, I have found intense joy in mentoring younger girls and speaking at workshops, church functions & schools inspiring people to live out who they were created to be. To let go of all that's holding them back, to start loving the lives they lead and to SHINE!! My Life Coaching qualification was the door to my passion becoming a career - a real-life thing I can do every day, all day!!!

I know this may sound all fluffy and lovely..but with big dreams (and yes my dreams are BIG), come set-backs too. I LOVE face-to-face coaching, but I realize too that we have to keep up with the times...and the times these days SCREAM social media!! Now, I am THE most un-technologically knowledgeable (I don't even know the words for these things) person alive. I got a Blackberry when everyone moved to Iphones...In Varsity days, my friend once made me CD of the latest tunes, to avoid being embarrassed by my asking 'in public' when this song came out..I learnt how to use Hashtags about 2 months ago...you get the drift!! But, NEWSFLASH - my dream, of reaching and inspiring 100s of 1000s of people, is basically not possible if I don't "up my game" and break into the Social Media world.

It sounds easy, right??! WRONG!! You see, I'm an outdoorsy person, I like running in the mountains, swimming in the sea..I like people, in REAL LIFE!! The thing is, as much as computers aren't 'my thing', there's something in your life that's standing between you and your BIG dream, something that may sound silly to others (like me and my computer)...but to you, it's a no-go area.

Well, guess what..No-go areas don't exist in 'dreamers' world!!! My husband and I have this saying, on long runs when our legs start seizing up, "How badly do you want this?"...it challenges to push harder to keep plodding even when our legs want to give way. You see, if you want something badly enough, you WILL make it happen, come rain or high water. And so, yes - I want this badly...so badly!!! I want to walk alongside amazing people, INSPIRING them, CHALLENGING them, holding them accountable to the GREATNESS that was planted inside them!!

And so...I have embraced Social Media FULL FORCE. And, with time, I'm growing to love it! And I'm getting good at it too. I may take me a little longer than the ordinary human to upload photo's or change things on my blog, but WATCH THIS SPACE...because I'm determined to become at Master at this.

This is MY DREAM & I'm gonna face the obstacles that surface, head on...

Now go out there and look that obstacle in the face and tell it how badly you want this!!!

You are welcome to check out my Coaching Packages - I'd LOVE to tackle this obstacle with you, and to walk with you as you pursue your dreams!!!

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