Wednesday 27 November 2013

Christmas DIY advent calendar fun... {Follow up post}

So as you know or if you missed my post about 'Getting into the Christmas spirit' then read more here; Sunday was set aside for some Christmas DIY girl time!! 

The girls arrived in Gwangju, from their various cities around Korea, at 10am and we headed home to my little apartment. We arrived home to the yummiest milktart that my husband had made for us as well as fresh coffee on the stove. {I’m a lucky girl, I know}Although the plan was to start DIY-ing immediately, we instead did what girls are best at, and drank tea and chatted for a good hour before suddenly remembering why we were.

I had set up all the brown bags, little pegs, washy tape and pretty things on our dining-room table as well as having printed advent printables which I found on pinterest, {If you're looking for pretty printables - pinterest is the place to find them}. Then, to add to the Christmas spirit, I had baked each girl a baby banana bread the night before and Roxy wrote each of us a beautiful Christmas message on pretty paper and sealed in an envelope marked with her CityGirlSearching sticker .

Roxy also took all the here to see more of her beautiful work...

This is our dining-room table...fill with creative bits and pieces..
These were my baby banana breads...I wrapped them in clear cooking paper, added some twine and a pretty Christmas printable {straight from Pinterest} :)

We cut, glued and giggled...and of course, chatted and chatted!! It just so happened that the girls who could make it were all South African..and I have to admit there is something seriously special being surrounded by people who know your home-town, who have friends in common with you...and who basically just 'get' you'!! 
The girls...
After cutting and sticking and arranging all the bags (see pics below), we took a quick break where we munched down our delicious milktart {Thanks H}…and then came the seriously fun part...when we poured all our little goodies/gifts/pieces of advice onto my bed and started filling the bags at random.

Putting the bags in order from 1 - 24... 
A taste of what went into our advent bags...
After all the bags were filled, we each chose 24 bags (numbered 1 – 24) that then became our very own Advent Calendar :)

These 3 pics were taken by Gwen - thanks my friend!!
By far one of best days in a while...thanks girls for making it so special, loved having you in my home!!!

Let me know what you think of our little DIY bags. I think they are so pretty and CAN’T wait to start opening them from Dec 1st.

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