Monday 25 November 2013

The Happiness Project...Wanna know how it went???

After 21 days of Happiness, I am proud to announce that my first ever run of ‘The Happiness Project’ was a huge success!!

Starting a new project is always daunting but of course, exciting too. Last month I launched my first ever ‘Happiness Project’ group coaching course...You haven't heard of it?? Click here to find out what The Happiness Project is all about!!

Our group consisted of 6 members, including myself, and what an absolute JOY it was working these 5 inspirational people.

Wanna know how they found the course?? 
Here are some of their comments…

Will I be running the course again??
YES, I plan to run the course every month as of April 2014!!!

I was approached by a group of friends in Gwangju to run “The Happiness Project” with them (see packages for details of getting your own group together), and this will be starting on Mon, Dec 2nd. This however, will unfortunately be the last time I will be running this course in Korea, due to time constraints.

My schedule is now unfortunately officially full and I thus cannot fit in any more clients before 2014.....BUT...

As you may or may not know, I will be returning to SA mid-March next year. {Read more here}. I am planning on taking on clients in SA from mid-April 2014, and will soon be opening up some discounted packages for people to start booking their spaces with me.


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