Thursday 21 November 2013

With every ending comes a new beginning…

It is with a happy heart that I want to announce…

I’m coming home!!!

Yes, it’s official, after the most phenomenal year of living abroad in a country {South Korea} that I have grown to love so much, we have decided to end this season on a high and move back to the place where we belong. South Africa.

It has taken me some time to get to a place where I can confidently, and with peace in my heart, announce our return next year!! My heart has really grown to love Korea and it’s people so much. Time away from the craziness of routine, responsibilities and comfort zones has given us {my husband and I} time to not only grow, but to flourish. I will forever be thankful for this season that brought us so much perspective about life, faith, marriage, our dreams and reality.

But in saying all this, it is in South Africa that we belong and thus there is, of-course, great excitement in coming home. To the place we love, the beaches we have missed, the friends who are more like family, and then of-course our families who we love so dearly.

Where are we heading to?? Well, that’s as much a secret to me as it is to you J No, I’m kidding {well kind-of}, right now we are waiting for a few things to fall into place, especially career-wise for my husband…but in saying that, our hearts are really set on returning to the Cape, and it is our greatest prayer that God will open the doors for us there.

For me…the freedom and time I had on my hands while living in Korea gave me one of the greatest gifts of all. The freedom to dream..and with those dreams came the birthing of my company, Caitlyn de Beer Life Coaching. I have been blown away by the incredible response I have received in Korea, and I have learnt so much from coaching people from literally all over the world. I have also had time to develop a number of workbooks and courses which I cannot wait to launch next year.

And with that…YES, I will coaching full-time next year!!! And I cannot wait!

Are you wanting 2014 to be your BEST year yet?? Then sign up on my website for weekly email updates. In Dec, I will be opening up 10 spaces for clients to sign up for Personal Coaching/ Career Coaching packages for months April – June 2014, as well as launching the first SA version of 'The Happiness Project'.

Want to know more about {The HappinessProject}…then visit my blog on Monday, where I will be sharing comments from clients who have just finished the first ever run of this course, as well as sharing dates for the next course J It is also possible to put your own group together {Read more here} and contact me to run these sessions with you. As a ‘thank you’ from me, for contacting me with your complete group, you will also all receive a nice little group discount J Sessions can be done both over skype or face-to-face, so don’t let space or time limit your search for happiness!!

Have a GREAT Thursday and thanks for reading along!!! I SO appreciate your comments, inbox messages and emails.

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Love C


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