Monday 17 February 2014

5 lessons we can learn from kids…

As I enter my final week as an elementary school teacher, I thought I’d share with you some life lessons that I’ve learnt from these sweet things…

#1 – Don’t take life so seriously

It’s OK to laugh at silly things, even things you don’t understand. It’s ok to ask for advice when you need it. It’s OK to cry sometimes, when someone hurts you. It’s ok to hold your best friends hand today, even if she may not be your best friend tomorrow. It’s ok.

#2 – Believe you can be and do anything

I love this video clip. It epitomizes children and their lack of exposure to a world that shouts, ‘don’t dream too big, in fear that you may fail’. I LOVE this. Recently while running one of my Happiness Project courses, a client mentioned how she remembers believing so fully in herself when she was younger, and she asked, what we feel went wrong. My old self would have answered ‘you grew up’, but how depressing is that, as if growing up means giving up??!! Yes, as we get older, we tend to get more cynical, we see that life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, and this brings with it a sense of ‘settling’. Settling for less than our best, in fear that ‘life’ will catch up with us, and we’ll fail miserably. But it doesn’t have to look that way.

It is my belief that you truly can be anything you want to be. The choice is yours. YES there will be set-backs, some that may cost you, but ultimately dreams do require sacrifice, and with sacrifice comes added joy!

#3 – It’s ok to have no problems

Ever had one of those moments when you’re desperately searching your brain for something that ‘must’ be wrong? I mean everything can’t be fine, surely??!! I’ve had so many of these days, days when I genuinely feel bad for loving life. Odd right? I mean since when should we feel guilty for living full, beautiful lives.

Embrace that beautiful life of yours today!! And go show it off to the world!

#4 – Be honest, and forgive quickly

My Grade 4’s are my absolute favourites! Every week at least one argument will break out in class and yet by the end of class, all is forgotten and forgiven. Saying what’s on your mind is such a refreshing way to live. Be kind with your words, but be honest too and always place a high value on forgiveness.

#5 – Look for the good in everything

It’s easy to find joy in doing things that we love, but what isn’t so easy is looking for good in the things that aren’t always peachey. If you ask my students whether they love school, I can guarantee you that there’d be mixed opinions but for the most part, a solid “no” would be adequate. And yet still, everyday, as I walk the final 200m to school, I see kids running from every direction. They may not ‘love’ school, but there are indeed elements of school that bring them so much joy. They run to school because that’s where their friends are and that’s enough to get them breaking into a sprint.

May we learn to find elements of joy in everything we do!!

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