Monday 3 March 2014

2 years of Marriage...pure joy!!!

Today is my 2 year Anniversary and so today I want to take the liberty to share with you all the joy that marriage has brought me!

2 years ago today, I said I do, but never did I imagine that marriage could be THIS good!! I recently shared my thoughts on marriage & adventure in my "Adventure begins at I do" post, today I want to acknowledge the two years that have passed and all I am grateful for!!! 
Our first year of marriage was fun and exciting, and NEW!! We’d never lived together so marriage brought with it plenty excitement and new beginnings…but it was tough at times too. Lots to adjust to, so many opinions to listen to, but all in all a good year.

And then came 2013, our year abroad. When we said goodbye to sunny SA and to our families and special friends, we had no idea what was in store for our marriage on the journey that lay before us. This year away has been many wonderful things, but the greatest gift it has given us is ‘time’. Time to stop and appreciate each other. Time to explore this beautiful world together. Time to sit, to relax and to enjoy each other’s company. Time away from opinions of others and expectations; time to figure out who we are as a unit, away from it all. Time to love, each other!!

I will look back at our second year of marriage and will always be thankful for this time we had to step back from the craziness of life, and just BE, together. I am pretty independent and like to be in control, always, and yet marriage has taught something new this year – it has taught me that dependence on another is not weak, but instead it is what we call ‘trust’. To depend on someone else is to give them your life and to say I know you’ll protect it with care. I’m not ashamed anymore that I am dependant on my husband. Yes, I LOVE Jesus and He is where my identity lies…but never have I felt such real and raw emotion as I do for my husband, my H. 

And so yes my love – you are the one! And I am so incredibly grateful for you in my life!!!

You can watch our Wedding Video Preview {3min clip} here!


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