Wednesday 5 March 2014

Bucket list: Tick number 1

I’m a go-getter. I’d like to think that people would describe me as embracing life with all I have and am. And so, yes, I made my 2014 Bucket List public. That may seem insignificant, but for me, it meant action. 

As I wrote in my blog post, Defining your dreams, “It's easy to head in a general direction of your dreams...but being 'general' and not 'specific' will mean that one day down the line, we will never really get that, 'Oh my gracious, I am living MY dream" feeling.” And so, with this in mind, I decided to name and claim my dreams. And that started with 2014.

So as you may know, my husband and I are currently backpacking through South East Asia, currently in Vietnam. Today I’ve taken the day off ‘adventuring’ to blog, and plan, and work on a new e-course I’m putting together.

So, with some time on my hands I thought I’d do a little Bucket List check-in on my blog – this way you get to hold me accountable to the dreams that I long to fulfill too. If you haven’t seen my 2014 bucket list yet then click here!!

So number 1 was to “Spend a day exploring Angkor Wat Temples, Cambodia". It’s funny how life works; a couple years back something like wandering through ancient temples would have had absolutely no appeal to me, but as one does, I have changed over the years and so adventuring around these beautiful temples built so long ago, was added to my 2014 Bucket List. And wow, it really was so worth the visit. We opted to do the ‘tour’ via tuk-tuk rather than cycling (our original plan) due to a few reasons, one being the heat (crazy) and were so glad we chose this option. My husband and I tend to do most things at speed and so slowly we’re trying to slow down and really take in each moment, to be there, fully. And that’s really what this day was all about.

We stood marveling at these massive stone temples, so ancient that huge trees have grown right through their walls, both in awe of life and beauty and that moment!!

To stop and really see, is an art that I’m attempting to marvel. This tick off my bucket list will be remembered as one of the segments in time, when all stood still and I was there, enveloped in history.  

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