My Story

Hello new friend...

Welcome to my website!!! I'm Caitlyn, Life & Career coach, blogger, runner, wife, Jesus-lover, adventure-adrenalin junkie, happiness seeker who comes alive when surrounded by African children or doing motivational talks/workshops inspiring people to live out the beautiful lives they were destined to be living!! Wow, that was a mouth-full :) 

I am driven, compassionate & highly ambitious and I believe that each of us has enormous innate potential...potential that we often forsake in fear of taking risks or stepping out of our comfort zones. 

So what's my story?

I grew up in KZN (South Africa) and then after finishing school, I moved to the Cape to study Clinical Psychology at Stellenbosch University. And it was here that I like to say, my dreams grew wings and took flight!! Stellenbosch is a town I always consider my personal little goldmine...the small-town-feel, the coffee shops, the young vibe, the beach being so accessible and the mountains even more so, the INCREDIBLE running trails and hiking routes, vineyards and clear skies. It was love at first sight...

After obtaining my Honours degree in Clinical Psychology and spending 2 years in full-time ministry, mentoring younger girls and working with the underprivileged, I decided to start pursuing a career as a Life Coach. This was the start of 'me finding my passion', my dream job, my future!! Having had the privilege of doing motivational speaking for a number of years at University residences and high schools and mentoring varsity-aged girls, life coaching was like taking all things I love doing for FUN and saying what if you did this fulltime? And so I qualified as a certified Life Coach in 2011, specializing in Career coaching and Personal coaching. 

In March 2012, I married my best friend, Hendrik de Beer. And life went from incredible!!! We live by the saying, Adventure begins at I do!!

Our adventurous spirits then led us to Asia, where we spent a life-changing year living and teaching in South Korea in 2013, and here I was also given the privilege of coaching people from over 8 different countries around the world.

There is little that brings me more joy than walking alongside clients and friends as they discover what makes them come alive and start the journey towards the life they always dreamed of living!! 

So where in the world am I now?? Currently we are living in Kloof, KZN, South Africa where I have my Life Coaching business, do motivational speaking and run inspiring courses full time! 

   I love LIFE and I want YOU to love life too!!

Caitlyn de Beer received her training as a Certified Life Coach through one of the largest and most respected Global Coaching organisations, Results Coaching Systems (ICF accredited). 

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