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3 months. 12 sessions.Total commitment

Are YOU stuck in a rut? Are YOU bored? Are YOU uninspired? Do YOU keep starting things but struggle to ever finish them? Do YOU need a CHANGE? A goal?

Then this Life Coaching package is for YOU!!

Your first Trial Session (1 hour) will be FREE. Allow me the privilege of walking you through a bunch of the end of the session; you will have 3 powerful, reachable but challenging goals. If you feel these goals are worth pursuing, then we’ll sign the coaching agreement and get the ball rolling.

What to expect: 12
 weekly hour(ish)-long sessions (face-to-face/ skype calls). I will challenge you, support you and ensure (with your commitment) that your 3 months of coaching will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! 
Contact me to book your Free Trial Session. We’ll set up a time and date and get the ball rolling in helping you to start to LOVE your life again.

6 weeks. 6 sessions. Find your passion.

Are you looking for answers? What am I actually passionate about? What do I want to accomplish in my life? What career do I want to pursue? 

These 6 INTENSE weekly hour-long sessions will help direct you onto the path YOU were made for!

What to expect: 
To be asked some tough questions. To work through an inspiring (success-proven) workbook. To be challenged, stretched and motivated! To find your passion and to start pursuing it.
Contact me to book your first "DREAM Big" session - Let's start brainstorming!


12 weeks. 6 sessions. Let's shake things up!!

Are you a 20 - 30 something girl who's dying to take her business (and life) one BIG step forward??

Owning your own business is all things wonderful…until the day arrives when you feel that you’ve started to plateau and you can’t quite figure out what your next BIG step is!!  I’ve always found that working on you & your career simultaneously gets you not only amped to wake up in the morning and do what you love, but to love the YOU that wakes up in the morning, too.

‘My next BIG step’ coaching package is focused on helping you define what your big step is {both in life and your business}, what it will take to get there and how you can make it happen. 

What to expect: 
Together we will reassess your business’s vision, alongside your own life vision, we’ll brainstorm and ultimately we’ll get you on a path towards taking your business (and your life) one BIG step forward!!  


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