2014 Bucket List

1. Spend a day exploring Angkor Wat Temples, Cambodia {DONE - Feb, 2014}

2. Visit a floating market in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam {DONE - Feb, 2014}

3. Ride an ellie bareback, Chiang Mai, Thailand {DONE - March, 2014}

4. Para-glide off Lions Head, Cape Town, South Africa {Yet to book}

5. Watch a live match at center court, Wimbledon, London {July, 2014}

6. Sneak a kiss in under the Eiffel Tower, France {July, 2014}

7. Run another full marathon, South Africa {Yet to commit to one}

8. Create my own gorgeous home office, South Africa {by Dec 2014}

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  1. Love No.5 - Wimbledon is my absolute favourite. Didn't quite make it to center court but did do Court No 1 and Henman hill :o)
    Come do the Nelson Mandela marathon in August - beautiful run around the Midlands x

    1. Thanks for your comment Nicola! I can't wait for Wimbledon :) That marathon sounds awesome - We will be moving into our own place that month in the Cape so it may be a bit busy but I'm gonna google the race regardless :) Are you a runner? xx

  2. Yup I am a runner! Just did the PMB half marathon. Was awesome x

    1. Awesome!! That's my favourite distance to run. Well done!!


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