Personal Coaching

Lindri Steenkamp (Teacher) - South Africa

Life Coaching was truly an insightful experience. Caitlyn is wise beyond her years in giving great perspective and insight into things you may have not yet thought through. She is a great support and even greater accountability partner. She keeps you to your goals!! Coaching made me realize what I have to give myself, my faith and the world, and it also cultivated a self belief in me; a solid belief that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, even writing my first book :) 

Carolyn Prouse (Chartered Account) - South Africa

Life Coaching has helped me to get organised and prioritize. It has helped me to reach my goals by taking “baby steps” as opposed to one big leap which usually fails. I feel inspired to keep going and achieve my Goals & Dreams!!

Andile Malgas (Human Resources Officer) - South Africa

I have learnt a lot about myself as an individual and how I can realize my full potential through goal-setting. Coaching has changed my attitude towards money, family, friends and relationships in general. I am more aware of my capabilities within these areas than before.

Career Coaching

Bettina Bredenkamp (Image Consultant) - South Africa

I discovered that I had hopes and dreams that had been dormant for a very long time. Caitlyn helped me help myself to identify what I wanted for my life and provided the right environment and support to start the journey…..coaching offered the right ground, water and sun to make my dream seeds start growing, and when I looked again I had a few flowers in bloom.

Blake Bouchard - (Freelance Consultant and Teacher) - Canada

Coaching helped me narrow down the wide variety of career paths I was considering and focus on what I really wanted out of my future career. It helped me develop a clear set of criteria based on my dreams and desires for myself and my family. From there it was only a case of evaluating each choice or career path against these and then setting out on the path to achieving them!

The Happiness Project

Casey - America

I am so glad that I participated in the Happiness Project. It kept me motivated and accountable to do things daily I know are important to staying balanced and happy. Caitlyn has put together an excellent workbook that's easy to keep up with, helps you stay on track, and reflect on your experience. This course is great in it's ability to inspire you to pay it forward, stay physically and mentally healthy, as well as realizing what makes you come alive and challenging you to do so. If you want to improve your overall mood or learn more about yourself then this course is for you.

Aaron Priestly - UK

Most people are self reflective and knowledgeable of the idiosyncrasies and weaknesses that hold them back in life. But most also are willing to sit back and hope change is around the corner. Happiness can be, for most, the perpetual failed New Years resolution. 5 days success then life catches up and you find yourself forever waiting until next year for another shot.

Caitlyn and "The Happiness Project" forces you to confront what it is that will make you happy and grip onto it. By teaching easy and non-intrusive habits of thinking and acting, it enforces a positive outlook that quickly seeps its way into your everyday life. I highly recommend the course and will now confront the future with the confidence only a genuine smile can bring.

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