Friday 13 September 2013

Have some time on your hands?? Want to network a bit?? Got just thething for you…

Having a job that gives me time for dreaming, brainstorming, career-building and then of course, creative projects, has had some other additional 'learning' benefits too.

Something I was introduced to a few months ago, was “Coursera”. This amazing website is home to 100’s, if not 1000’s, of short (anything from 4 – 12 week) online courses, ranging from Creative to Finance courses. You name it, it’s there. And the BEST thing about it, is that its FREE :) Now, I know when you hear 'free', you immediately think, not worth it, but the funny thing with this website is that the courses are run by world-renowned Universities. In the end, if you complete your assignments, etc, you get a registered certificate from the respective University. A nice little add-on to your CV, as well as a GREAT place to network. Most courses encourage using the discussion forums, which have proved SO beneficial for me, as you are immediately put in contact with 1000’s of people around the world who are in a similar industry to yourself.

I’ve already completed 2 courses in the past 3 months, one on Nutrition and one on Leadership and Innovative Thinking and am currently working on a Creative Project which is linked to a current course I’m doing. I LOVE everything about this website – the lecturers are so dedicated, the tasks and assignments so varied and in the end you come out with great knowledge, new connections and a certificate from an International University.

Here’s the link to their website -

Once onto the Homepage, click on “Starting Soon” and all the up-and-coming courses will appear. You can also just click on “courses” at the top of the page and search for a field you are interested in.

 Check it out…this may just become your newest Goal :)

The more you learn

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