Monday 23 September 2013

Your Dreams...

I just created a new page on my Website called "Your Dreams" - I've copied the general information below but please use the following link to log onto my Website and fill in the 'contact form' detailing Your Dream :) Looking SO forward to being inspired by all my readers!!!


Your Dreams...

I'm a DREAMER at heart!!! I believe in the power of dreams..and even more so, in the living out of these dreams.

If you ask a child what their dream is...they will generally have no problem creating an idea/dream on the spot. Something they consider extraordinary, yet somehow in-reach!!!

These days, dreams have become a past time for many of us "grown ups". The craziness of life, the financial recession and all these big-people things have squashed our dreams and replaced them with realistic, small-minded plans. Plans that don't require risk, vision or leaving our comfort zones.

Well, I'm here to tell you that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I'd hate to know what this world would become without 'dreamers'.

I get that it's scary to dream, and scarier to share those dreams. I get that you feel that as soon as you say it aloud or write it down, it will become real and the fear of it haunting you from there on, is stopping you from acknowledging it at all. I get all this...and yet still, I say...
Let's make room for dreams to be birthed, to flourish, to grow wings and take flight!

This is YOUR space!!! Claim those dreams hidden deep within you, by filling in the form below - and soon this page will no longer contain my babblings, but rather Your Dreams!

Be BOLD!! There is no greater time than the present!!! 

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