Friday 17 January 2014

The Healthy Me Challenge: 4 weeks to a healthy, fit {and possibly even wealthier} ;) you!!!!

Hello Get Fit Friends….

Hope you’ve welcomed in 2014 with a mindset to get healthy and stay healthy all year J

This time of year tends to be the most stressful {apart from Summer approaching} for girls, body-image-wise. The Christmas holidays usually bring with them a lot of feasting {which is good thing}, but unfortunately some extra weight too. With this in mind, I have created my coolest FREE resource yet in this Get Fit series; I’ve called it “The Healthy Me Challenge”. 

This challenge is all about helping take you from where you are today to where you want to be fitness and health wise. And to make it a bit more fun, as well as ensuring you stick to it, I’ve added in a little accountability element {I.e: This challenge is done with friends}.
I genuinely feel that this challenge could really help you lose the extra weight you’ve been wanting to shed as well as get you back on track with healthy eating and exercising, all the while focusing on what I like to call ‘BALANCE’ – which in my words basically means, finding a weight that your body is comfortable at, while still eating plenty {healthy foods}, exercising regularly, and also allowing yourself the privilege of snacking on something yummy at least once a week!!

Dying to know what you think of the challenge and to hear your feedback as you embrace it with your friends/ colleagues/ please comment below or email me with pictures & news as to how the challenge is going!! 

Good luck JJ

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