Tuesday 27 May 2014

Let's Chat Tuesday: Featuring Nicola Tweed {Web designer}

Today on Let's Chat Tuesday: Meet Nicola Tweed - web-designer, fitness enthusiast and new inspiring blogger!!

1: Tell us a bit about you, your business and what you do?
My name is Nicola Tweed and I am a freelance web designer & developer. I provide online web services enabling creatives to carve out their own little (or Big) corner on the interwebz.

Question 2: What 3 words best describe your business?
Personable, reliable, understanding

Question 3: How long has your business been running for?
My blog started at the beginning of 2013 and has changed direction several times during the course of it's existence however it still maintains and portrays everything that I am truly passionate about. My site is currently in the changing rooms but will be launching very soon with details of all the services I offer and examples of the sites that I have worked on.

Question 4: What does a normal work day look like for you?
At the moment everyday is totally different. The freeeeeeelancing day is new to me so I'm still setting my own rules for how I run my business and organize my day. I am enjoying discovering how to get the most out of my working day and grow my business.

Question 5: Where do you work from, an office or from home? Tell us a bit about your work space.
In the mornings I work from home, in my little corner and when I say little I mean it... but I love it because it's completely my space. Above my workspace I've got 3 clipboards on which I use for different projects. If I have an idea I'll write it down and clip it to the board - somehow I find pictures and words get lost on a computer. Old fashioned paper still works best for me. When I work at night I always light a candle and ensure that I have a jug of water by me. During the afternoons you'll find me behind the counter at The Ruby Orchard.

Question 6: What do you consider your business’s greatest strength to be?
What I've come to notice is that not everyone talks my nerdy code language and unfortunately a lot of other web design & development companies take advantage of this then over charge and under deliver. I see it way too often and it breaks my heart when people are taken for a ride like that. I've worked in several various customer facing roles and really understand where creatives are coming from and never use nerdy code or hectic IT language on them. I like to think I'm also a creative and on the same journey as them.

Question 7: Apart from your business, what else are you passionate about?
Running, yoga, green juicing, breakfast in bed and feather duvets in the winter.

Question 8: What’s one thing you’ve learned since starting your own business that you wish you could share with every creative out there?
Never under value your service and under sell yourself, even if you are self taught. If you are self taught and good at it then that shows true talent. Pricing can be an awkward topic but if you have a worthy service then by all means charge for it and make a good living out of it. You are worthy!

Question 9: If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you take with you?
My yoga mat, my juicer (I assume there will be plenty of fruit on this island?!), one massive journal and a pen with never ending ink - the peacefulness of the beach always inspires me to write.

Question 10: Where can we find more info about your company & what you have to offer?

                  Website           Facebook         Instagram         Twitter

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